FSM Premieres at Whistler Film Festival!

wff2015FSMposterThe very first sound job I received when I moved to Vancouver was working on an independent film called FSM, or Female Seeking Male. The film was written and directed by Melanie Jones for the Indiecan10K Challenge, which challenges film makers to create there vision with a meager $10,000 budget.

In the continued spirit of helping artists realize their potential, the post production studio I was hanging around last December threw this film at me to see what I could do. It opened the door for me into working as a dialogue editor and I’ve continued to work on projects with The Mix Room since. I’m very grateful to have had a hand in this film, and am very excited to announce its upcoming world premier at the Whistler Film Festival on December 3rd.

The film stars Vanessa Crouch as Sam, a Vancouver-based DJ who is looking for love in the age of social media. It is full of great imagery of East Vancouver and Kitsalano, and features music from ten Vancouver based indie bands and musicians. I had a lot of fun working on it, and this film will hold a special place in my heart as my first “real world” audio job. I won’t be able to make it up to Whistler to see the premier, but I’m hoping it will be playing at part of the International Women in Film Festival in March 2016.

Check out the FSM trailer here!

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First Dates and Heartbreaks

xI’m working on a dating show.

And it’s really fun.

I love how working on a project for a show can be incredibly fun, even when it’s something I would never normally watch. Right now, I’ve working on some of the episodes for season 1 of “First Dates Canada”, a simple half-hour show depicting people of all orientations going on a blind date. While some of the setups are cringe-worthy, everyone is charming and there are a lot of laughs. I’m having fun getting lost in it.

This one will be airing on Slice starting in September, so pretty soon! You will be able to find it here. Maybe it will make you smile too: http://www.slice.ca/first-dates/.

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Working on a show for YTV… what.

I’m posting this while wearing a power rangers t-shirt that says “Stay in school” with the green ranger giving a thumbs up. There are also saved-by-the-bell inspired confetti shapes on it. It’s pretty much as 90s as you can get. Unless you add in that right now I’m editing a show that’s going to be airing on YTV, Canada’s youth network and pretty much every Canadian 90s kid’s favourite channel for cartoons, shows, and witty VJs (or “PJs” as they called them). I remember racing home after school to watch Phil and Paul in the Zone, with Snit, the TV… and if you weren’t a kid in Canada in the 90s and your reading this, I’m sorry. But you missed out.

So, working on a show that’s going to be airing on that channel sometime this fall is making my inner child jump for joy. Also, I am working on almost all the first season, so that is awesome! The show is called “Tricked“, and while it is based on a British show of the same name, this version features Canadian magician Eric Leclerc doing street magic and hidden camera tricks in Vancouver (I’m starting to get giddy when I recognize places). So far, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I know I loved trying to figure out how magicians did tricks when I was a kid, and while I can say the show does have some more simple ones, some of the bigger ones have me scratching my head– and I can go back and re-watch it over and over!

When it airs, I’ll throw up a link.



CBC DocZone: Volunteers Unleashed

Yay! It’s finally out!

My first paid work as a dialogue editor is finally airing tonight, after being rescheduled after some footage had to be reworked. It’s been a really cool experience to see this doc go from the rough audio, through my hands, and on the to sound editing and mixing. I can hear a few spots I wonder if I could have done a bit cleaner, but all in all, I’m really excited to see something I touched be broadcast on National Television! The topic is also very interesting.

You will be able watch the CBC DocZone: Volunteers Unleashed online here.