Toontrack releases Superior Drummer 3!

During my internship at Galaxy Studios, one of the busiest days we had was a press event for Toontrack’s new Superior Drummer 3. Up until now, I haven’t been able to talk about the software; but, now that it’s been officially announced I can tell you it’s incredible (as are the people behind it).

I wasn’t in Belgium for the recording, but we did have to recreate the recording setup to demonstrate how the sounds were captured. There was also a lot of technical setup behind the presentations and demos that took place in nearly every room at Galaxy. Along with the team from Toontrack and writers from all the major audio magazines, George Massenburg, who produced the sample recordings, was there to prepare for the event and present the software. It was really amazing to meet such an industry legend and he definitely knows a thing or two about sound!

The new Superior Drummer has a sample library capable of not only stereo playback, but also multi-channel playback– all the way up to 11.1! Having heard the 11.1 capabilities, I can tell you it sounds great and will be very useful for game/audio/VR applications.

Probably the most exciting feature of Superior Drummer 3 is called “Tracker”. This sound recognition AI allows you to input an audio file and it will then pick out the individual hi-hat, kick, snare, tom, ride, and cymbal hits with a great deal of accuracy. Great if you want to replace the drum track of an old recording or if you want to isolate the drum line of one of your favourite songs. During the press event, they used Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” as an example and isolated Neil Peart’s drum line. It sounded great and was a good way to win over my Canadian heart!

You can view the press event in the video above (you’ll see a cameo of yours truly around 1:17!). To check out more about what Superior Drummer 3 has to offer, check out: