SoundGirls: Sound System Optimization Training

I feel like I just got to Norway, but I couldn’t pass up a opportunity to meet some fellow sound ladies an hour and twenty minute plane ride away. Women from Denmark, Norway, the UK, Finland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and myself met up at Amager Bio in Copenhagen for two fun and informative days of Sound System Optimization Training hosted by While most of the attendees were predominantly live sound technicians, I still found a lot of the information useful and applicable to recording work. Particularly, I wanted to learn more about Smaart and brush up on my digital signal processing skills.

Over two days, our amazing instructors Theis Romme and Rasmus Rosenberg walked us through using Smaart and the technical considerations of sound system optimization. We had lots of time to listen and get our hands dirty moving the measurement microphones around the room, adjusting the speakers, changing the EQ and SPL of the system, and seeing how our adjustments affected how we heard music tracks of different styles in different parts of the room. Ultimately, everything was (as it always is) a compromise. There is a never a perfect solution for everything, but you can get pretty close.

I learned a lot in terms of thinking and listening, in particular to phase and how it effects the spread in the room; but, the best part was spending two days with other female engineers. I have never been around so many other women that love audio in one place. We did a lot of talking shop, but also about our unique experiences in the industry. I can’t wait to do it again sometime!


UPDATE: Check out the blog post here!